A Christmas Wish

“A good conscience is a continual Christmas.” Benjamin Franklin

sunrisedec2316Another year is drawing to a close. With so much upheaval and unrest in the world, it would be easy to focus only on that. As we are bombarded each day with so much “bad news,” from our country, and around the world. It is at these times especially, when I turn to nature for solace. To find a peace I find nowhere else.


bubbywreathThe dictionary defines ‘solace’ as comfort, cheer, support, relief, soothe. If we can unplug from our troubled world long enough to take a quiet walk along a woodland path, fill our lungs with cold, crisp winter air, watch a sunrise or sunset, feel snowflakes on our face, admire the winter birds darting into the feeder, or stand under a twinkling, starlit sky, we realize nature can comfort, calm and soothe us. It is not the material things in life that make us truly happy, or hopeful. The intrinsic value of our natural world to enrich the human spirit goes far beyond the dollar value that is placed on our natural resources.


honeywreathAs this year fades away, and another begins, I will continue to turn to nature for solace, and hope for healing, for our troubled world, and let my conscience guide me to be a better person every day of the year. My wish for the coming year is that others will turn to nature to feed the human spirit, and in doing so will find its protection and preservation for future generations a necessity and not just a nicety.



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  1. This is a lovely post. It expresses the desperate desire so many of us feel as we seek peace in a world that is anything but peaceful. Nature does abide, but the current political status of this country will put Nature under an assault never before imagined.

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