Since a young child, I’ve had a deep love and passion for nature. I was raised on a small, sustainable, organic farm in North East Ohio long before “organic” and “sustainable” were the buzzwords of today. Myself and my siblings spent many hours tramping through the woodlands, farm fields, and surrounding countryside learning about the plants, birds and wildlife that called those areas home. My love and respect for the natural world were passed down from my parents who believed we as humans should tread lightly on the earth, use only what we need, and be responsible stewards of our natural resources, so future generations can also enjoy the beauty and bounty of the planet.

I loved farm life, but was eager to experience the world. I left home out of highschool and worked, traveled and met new people in different parts of the U.S. and overseas. I returned to college later in life and earned an Associate Degree in horticulture, and began dabbling in writing. I decided to focus on freelance writing and since, 2001 I’ve been a self-employed freelancer.




Now, over a decade has passed and I’ve written dozens of articles for national, regional and state publications as well as for online content. I’m an active member of the Outdoor Writers of Ohio (OWO) and also a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ). I’ve won numerous writing craft awards from the OWO.


A lover of travel and experiencing new places, I eagerly travel whenever my schedule allows. Though writing about nature and the outdoors is my passion I also enjoy writing about gardening, travel and all types of fascinating people, places and things.


While many years took me away from the country life and the closeness of nature, my heart continually yearned for the day when I could return to the land, be immersed in the outdoors and nurtured by nature. And, so I have. My husband and I returned to a life in the country several years ago to a small piece of land in the rural beauty of Ohio. Here, a tapestry of fields, farms, woodlands, streams and the undulating rolling hills surrounds us.

Whether I’m kayaking on a secluded lake in Canada, hiking a woodland trail, gazing into a star-studded night sky, or sitting on my front porch enjoying the view, my life is richer thanks to my kinship with nature. Much of my writing reflects the love, passion and respect, I hold for the planet on which we live. I hope you enjoy your visit to my website and take away with you a rekindled excitement for the natural world that surrounds us.