Harness Training

honeybubharnessThe puppies are old enough now that we are teaching them to wear a harness and/or a collar. The pink for girl and blue for boy was not intentional. It just so happened that there was only one of these particular harnesses on sale where I was shopping the other day, and it happened to be pink. But you have to admit, she looks pretty cute in pink!

When we first put a harness or collar on them, they froze, their ears and tails drooped, and they acted as though we were doing something terrible to them. They tried a stiff-legged walk as if they had straight jackets on, and were afraid to move. Then the squirming, rolling, tugging and flopping began as they tried to dislodge that uncomfortable thing clinging to them. When the leashes went on, the mule sitting, dragging, bucking and chewing of the leashes started. They quickly figured out though how handy a collar or harness is for dragging the other one around by! No one said raising puppies was easy!

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