Hello Mr. Toad

honeybubOver the summer we added a couple new members to our family, two puppies. Needless to say they have been keeping us busy and entertained.

They are full of energy, into everything, and experiencing new things everyday. One of the first experiences they’ve┬áhad was an encounter with a toad one evening. We had left the porch light on since they were a little afraid of the dark and we’re trying to house train them to take their business out into the yard. The yard is a big, dark, scary place at night. A big toad came along to take advantage of the bugs attracted by the lights.

honeytoadSoon it was a game of dash in, sniff the toad, and dash out.





honeybubtoadThey teamed up and took turns darting in to sniff the toad.




It wasn’t long before the little boy decided to give the toad a taste.




bubbytoadslobberThe end result… a lot of gagging and slobbering. Do we think they learned not to mess with toads? We hope, but It may take more than once! I hate to think of their first encounter with a skunk!! Since the toad encounter, they’ve been introduced to other unpleasant adventures such as the taste of stink bugs and lady bugs, chickens that attack, and the sting of yellow jackets. It can be a distasteful and dangerous world out there!

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