Invasion of the Yellow Jackets

My blog has been quiet the last few weeks as we loaded up the kayaks, packed the camping gear, and headed to the Canadian bush for a much-needed vacation. Prior to our leaving we noticed the yellow jackets were busily entering just below the porch roof above the front door. My husband sprayed several times before we left, and silly us, we thought that had taken care of them.


yellowjackchewthruNot so. Upon our arrival home, we found out the determined yellow jackets had chewed their way through the drywall on the ceiling in the entry way, and entered into the house. My sister, the official house sitter, had to deal with the initial invasion and painful stings while we were away.





yellowjackbeesuitSo, one of the first tasks at hand after we arrived home was to deal with the invading insects. My husband donned his bee suit and went after them.


yellowjacknestentrywayHe found the nest covered quite a large area just above the ceiling. He tore out as much as he could while trying to limit the damage to the ceiling. Now we have a pretty big hole in the ceiling that needs repaired.


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