Wrens on the Barbie

WrenGrillNo, this isn’t a recipe for grilling wrens on the barbecue. About a month ago, I noticed a wren sneaking in and out of our old barbecue grill near the picnic area. Upon closer inspection, I found a well constructed nest resting inside the grill on the grate. What a secure and weather tight location. Not wanting to disturb the nesting, I simply peeked through the glass on the front.


WrensGrillBabyYesterday, while working out near the picnic area, I heard a lot of chattering, and scolding. Both adult wrens were present, flitting around the area, exhibiting nervous behavior.  When I looked at the grill, I could see the little wrens flying around on the inside trying to escape. Peering through the glass, I spied at least three little wrens, crashing about in the grill.



WrensGrillBabyCloseAfter locking the cat in the house, I returned and lifted the lid. Little wrens exploded in several different directions. Soon, the two adults were calling the young ones to follow. And, the little ones did. They seemed quite adept at flying. The adults would fly away and the little ones would soon follow until they were safely away into the woods.



WrensGrillNest I came back after the little ones were out and took a picture of the nest.

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